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Youth activity

29/08/2015 Moscow. The students will create short films and launch sky kites
29/08/2015 Volgograd. Evening of Magic
22/08/2015 Vladivostok. Festival "Bratchina"
22/08/2015 Vladivostok. Students from Vladivostok will help open the exhibition at the Museum of the Chinese city of Harbin
15/08/2015 Udmurtia. Glazov. Hot heart warms the child's soul
15/08/2015 Udmurtia. Glazov. Aliens? Is there a difference?
08/08/2015 Tula. Colorful rain
08/08/2015 Komi Republic. Entertainment as on the sea!
01/08/2015 Ulyanovsk. In August, children from Lugansk region will rest in the camp, "The Hobbit"
01/08/2015 Dagestan. The day of good mood
24/07/2015 oscow. Free summer camp at Vorobievi gori
24/07/2015 Vladivostok. Summer yachting school
17/07/2015 Izhevsk. The autumn "Sunflower" is waiting for us
17/07/2015 Ulyanovsk. The Festival of Country Camps
11/07/2015 Moscow region. Khimki town. Balls for high school leavers
11/07/2015 oscow region. Wave comes secretly
30/06/2015 Komi Republic. We want to live in peace.
30/06/2015 Vladivostok. To the camp for the first time
26/06/2015 Moscow. Summer School of Journalism for teachers
26/06/2015 Dagestan. As in the Tsar's Lyceum
15/06/2015 Tula. Young members of parlament- schoolchildren in the State Duma
15/06/2015 Moscow region. Khimki. "Green Russia"
27/05/2015 Moscow region. Track and field athletics school sports day
27/05/2015 Vladivostok. Vivacious morning
26/05/2015 Moscow. One Million of Trees
26/05/2015 St. Petersburg. "Aurora" is also knitted
17/05/2015 Vladivostok. The exhibition of the first in Primorye marine painter
17/05/2015 Ulyanovsk. Good Saturday - riding on horses and ponies
07/05/2015 Moscow. Parade of cadet classes
07/05/2015 Moscow. Its interesting to be a journalist.
02/05/2015 St. Petersburg hosts the contest "Beauty of Russia" among students
02/05/2015 Vladivostok. The exhibition is an honorary citizen of the city
26/04/2015 Moscow. Young journalists from Perm met S.B. Tsymbalenko, the President of the agency YNPRESS
26/04/2015 Vladivostok. Eco poster exhibition
19/04/2015 Moscow region. The lesson for kids from Lugansk
19/04/2015 Moscow. World without War
10/04/2015 Moscow. 220 bushes of "Lilac of Victory"
10/04/2015 Moscow. Thanks to mentor
05/04/2015 Dagestan. Submariner Day
05/04/2015 Vladivostok. Volunteers in the week of good
24/03/2015 Izhevsk. Worldwide day of meat dumplings.
24/03/2015 Ulan-Ude. Sure "Step into the Future"
24/03/2015 Moscow. Lesson in literature on electronic textbooks
20/03/2015 Moscow. We are proud of young astronomers
20/03/2015 Tula. Together again with the Crimea
15/03/2015 Moscow. Videobook about the Great Patriotic War
15/03/2015 The Moscow region. The world record for the barbell of 15-year-old schoolgirl
08/03/2015 Ulyanovsk. Exhibition "Children's rights to children"
08/03/2015 Moscow. Lecture at the MIA news. My grandfather is Sergei Mikhalkov
28/02/2015 Moscow. Business game is the key to success
28/02/2015 Moscow. "Merry starts"
22/02/2015 Tula. Young people looking to the future
22/02/2015 Moscow. "Invincible and Legendary"
15/02/2015 Krasnodar region. Young Patriots and book lovers in the camp"Eaglet"
15/02/2015 Izhevsk. "Grandma, teach!" Let's cook village butter
08/02/2015 Ulyanovsk. A touching Saturday
08/02/2015 The Republic of Dagestan. Kaspiysk. War does not have a baby face
30/01/2015 St. Petersburg. Ball of robots
30/01/2015 Moscow. Starts Phase II of the contest "Teacher of the year Moscow-2015"
25/01/2015 The Moscow region. The day of snow
25/01/2015 Moscow. Play the "Hat"!
16/01/2015 St. Petersburg. Three hours on miracles
16/01/2015 Moscow. Festival "Pen penguins"
26/12/2014 Ulyanovsk. "I give my heart for children"
26/12/2014 Moscow. Master class on Christmas gifts and costumes
19/12/2014 Moscow. School students will be acquainted with the city telephone system
19/12/2014 Moscow. Vote for the best teacher greeting for the New Year!
14/12/2014 Moscow. Let us help Sasha!
14/12/2014 Anapa. FDC "Change". Unknown soldiers are not forgotten
07/12/2014 Moscow. How to revive the works of Leonardo da Vinci?
07/12/2014 Izhevsk. Concert for mums
30/11/2014 Moscow. "Moscow Alps" are within the scope of abilities of young Muscovites
30/11/2014 Perm. From the handle to the "mouse"
21/11/2014 Moscow. Lesson at the Museum
21/11/2014 Moscow. "Best university Saturday" in the capital will be chosen on the basis of 13 workshops
14/11/2014 The Republic of Komi. The campaign "Give the book a second life"
14/11/2014 Komi Republic. "The Palm of kindness"
07/11/2014 Moscow. "Saturdays at the universities"
07/11/2014 Moscow. Action "USE: every year!"
31/10/2014 Moscow. Black Chicken in Shadow Theater
25/10/2014 Moscow. Science Festival on the Sparrow Hills
25/10/2014 Moscow Region. Vladislav Tretiak held a master class for young goalkeepers in the suburbs.
12/10/2014 Krasnodar region. The All-Russian Children`s Centre "Eaglet". "United by space."
11/10/2014 Moscow. "Sport in the life of a Moscow schoolboy"
13/08/2014 Moscow. 100 Syrian orphans for the first time in Moscow
13/08/2014 Moscow region. Search engines and athletes in Moscow region will receive tickets to a tank biathlon
08/08/2014 Moscow region. Competition in the Sportsman's Day
05/08/2014 Ulyanovsk region. Children against cruelty
24/04/2014 Izhevsk. The project Funny Buttons "
24/04/2014 Ulyanovsk region. Contest of young journalists " New Look"
23/03/2014 Moscow . "Two-wheeled spring"
23/03/2014 Komi Republic. Competition for the spring girls
13/03/2014 Perm region. "The world through the eyes of students"
28/02/2014 Hello Olympics, from Izhevsk!
31/01/2014 St. Petersburg. battle ... with mittens
29/01/2014 Krasnodar region. Children of Russia will give the Olympic torch relay in Sochi
16/01/2014 Youth Aviation Academy opens in Ulyanovsk
20/12/2013 Komi Republic . Syktyvkar . Red tulips of hopes
18/12/2013 Moscow. To the strains of the harp by Victoria Voronina
05/12/2013 Moscow. Festival of Paralympic Sports
20/11/2013 Inta city. The Republic of Komi. "Merry Starts" of STEP organisation
16/11/2013 Usinsk. Activists, get ready!
07/09/2011 St. Petersburg. Celebration of the Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness
07/09/2011 Russia. Start of the 10th All-Russian School of Students` Self-administration, "Leader of the 21st Century"
22/08/2011 St. Petersburg. Profession Petersburg citizen
22/08/2011 Krasnodar. Charity event "Fairy Tales for the "Fairy Tale"
28/07/2011 Moscow. I choose a kindness
28/07/2011 Happy birthday, Vladikavkaz!
29/05/2011 Moscow. The universe by the eyes of an artist
29/05/2011 Smolensk. A scientific-practical conference on the social adaptation of alumni of organizations for orphans and children left without parental care
22/05/2011 Makhachkala. Graffiti - that's my life!
22/05/2011 Izhevsk. Master - class of Alexei Samoletov
22/05/2011 Cheboksary. Young journalists from the newspaper 'Funny WRITERS' try their forces on TV
22/05/2011 Russia. Murzilka prepares gifts to veterans together with pupils
09/05/2011 Russia. Lessons of creativity, devoted to the Day of Victory, began in Russian schools
09/05/2011 Krasnodar Territory. The Day of Fire Safety
25/04/2011 Dagestan. The most interesting girl in the world
25/04/2011 Moscow. "Young traveler" visited "Swifts"!
09/04/2011 Ulyanovsk. Robotics can go to the United Arab Emirates
04/04/2011 Moscow. Famous toilets, where our boys from the 6 "A" class of the n-th school came
04/04/2011 Moscow. Exhibition of the winner of a photography competition "World Under The Water"
07/03/2011 Arzamas. Military and Sports game "Nizhny Novgorod Safety School. Zarnitsa"
07/03/2011 Lipetsk. In late April, the best teacher of the region will be announced
23/03/2011 Udmurtia. Access Point
23/03/2011 Estonia. Absolutely not a secret!
13/03/2011 Ulyanovsk. Weapons of YIC against the flu - random acts of kindness
13/03/2011 Karelia. Children from the squad "Iskryata" and "Rostok" created a power engineering ward
13/03.2011 Izhevsk. What is volleyball?
09/03/2011 Ulyanovsk region. Citizens of dirty Syzgane are struggling for the purity of the language
09/03/2011 St. Petersburg. Ball in honor of the anniversary!
24/02/2011 Krasnodar area. Nature can destroy everything except the memory
24/02/2011 Moscow. Miracles happen.
22/02/2011 Moscow. Men love sweets!
22/02/2011 Izhevsk. Youthful spirit
11/02/2011 Russia. New Year's positive
11/02/2011 Udmurtia. Reviving the tradition!
06/02/2011 Vladikavkaz. Gathering of young peacemakers in North Ossetia
06/02/2011 Izhevsk. Evening of Peoples Friendship
8/01/2011 Udmurtia. The best public education workers were awarded in Izhevsk
8/01/2011 Moscow. Ice Fairy Tale
29/12/2010 Moscow. Funny advertising
29/12/2010 Izhevsk. Cross - country have to be race, where you do not necessarily an athlete
11/12/2010 St. Petersburg. Ancestral coat of arms - to each family!
11/12/2010 Moscow. When the relationship ends, where does the love go?
05/12/2010 St. Petersburg. A spring of talents
30/11/2010 Moscow. Creativity against drugs
21/05/2010 Moscow. Dedication to the young peacemakers
21/05/2010 Makhachkala. Time Machine
16/05/2010 Moscow. Modern book for the reading youth
10/05/2010 Moscow. Victory by eyes of aerosol artists
05/05/2010 Volgograd. "The canvas of Victory"
05/05/2010 Vladikavkaz. Let us remember the heroes, not only in the Victory Day!
27/04/2010 Moscow. Thank you for life
Moscow. "Helavisnik" in the House of Music
22/04/2010 Togliatti. "Kozhura - 2010"
28/03/2010 Izhevsk. We will hit the crisis with inventions!
26/03/2010 Moscow. Conference of young researchers
17/03/2010 Moscow. Play dough installation devoted to battles of the Great Patriotic War
17/03/2010 Izhevsk. Ecology of our city
05/03/2010 Kirov. Each day with a line
04/04/2010 Izhevsk. Spring is a great time
04/04/2010 Moscow. Postcards for teachers
03/03/2010 Moscow. The Color of Scandinavia in Russia
24/02/2010 Dagestan. The Carnival in the Russian theater
24/02/2010 Izhevsk. Saint Valentine's Day and Russian ski-run
15/01/2010 Izhevsk. Snow Festival
11/02/2010 Izhevsk. Ice and rocks
11/02/2010 Dagestan. Evening of rock music
08/02/2010 Ulyanovsk. Youth Initiatives give warmth to children
08/02/2010 Moscow. Secular tigress, lions and kittens
05/02/2010 Moscow. Pleasant + useful = Student Day
05/02/2010 Moscow. Holiday "Winter"
02/02/2010 Volgograd Region. Peacekeeping action - New Year's gift
02/10/2010 Yaroslavl. Organizers of the international competition are going to meet with the creative and talented people
12/01/2010 Arkhangelsk. Give children a holiday!
11/01/2010 Dagestan. Happy holiday, dear artists!
30/12/2009 Dagestan. Identify and support the best!
30/12/2009 Komi. Syktyvkar. Cultural senior high school students
24/12/2009 Moscow. Moscow Children's Movement. Team-work problem Restart
24/12/2009 Yaroslavl region. The government awarded talented youth
12/12/2209 Samara. The museum Alabina hosts photo exhibition- Look at the environment
12/12/2009 Samara. Children will receive Christmas gifts from the city
07/12/2009 Moscow. The annual exhibition "The Christmas Collection" was opened
07/12/2009 Petrozavodsk. Violence will not work!
30/11/2009 Moscow. We are for the peace
29/11/2009 Moscow. Invalids have opened a window to the world
29/11/2009 St. Petersburg. Master Class with Bobbin
24/11/2009 Moscow. Creativity aagainst drugs
24/11/2009 Moscow. Tournament of young photographers
23/11/2009 Barnaul, Holidays and Halloween started for students of Barnaul
23/11/2009 St. Petersburg, Reconciled for the sake of a cat I want to share a story about how the International Year of Reconciliation helped the little cat named Alpha
21/10/2009 Moscow. Rates of energy
21/10/2009 Moscow. Large family educators
21/10/2009 Kinel-Cherkassy. From the 4th until the 8th of November, 2009 the X Interregional rally of young journalists "Remote places" will be held in the Samara region
21/10/2009 Nizhny Novgorod. We will fight violence with the help of photos
21/10/2009 Chelyabinsk. In Chelyabinsk, the school will be opened for those wishing to adopt a child
20/10/2009 Krasnoyarsk. "Train of hope" will appear in the town
10/10/2009 Yekaterinburg. Day of Siberian Tiger and Far Eastern Leopard
10/10/2009 Moscow. Unattractive bushes, which save lives of people
10/10/2009 Moscow region. The project Sandpit
10/10/2009 Moscow. Warm recollections about the summer
06/10/2009 Izhevsk. There will be more donors!
06/10/2009 Ulianovsk. A chain of leader clubs is created in Ulianovsk region
05/10/2009 Moscow. Do you know your rights?
05/10/2009 Moscow. Happy age forever
29/09/2009 St. Petersburg. Let`s change beer to a book!
28/09/2009 Ulianovsk. Youth talk show "Love. Responsibility. Freedom" in Ulianovsk
25/09/2009 St. Petersbug. 10 km of beauty and health
17/09/2009 Summer holidays will be two times shorter
16/09/2009 Yekaterinburg. New plays for orphans will be performed at Kolyada theatre
15/09/2009 Perm: orphans are to buy houses themselves in Kama region
13/09/2009 Sochi. Project "Where are you, mummy?" has helped 20 children find a family
17/07/2009 The University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design, Wismar, Germany. DIA 09: The exhibition of the works of the graduates
20/06/2009 Arzamas. "We are against global warming!"
07/06/2009 Moscow. Future music stars from Yana Churikova
07/06/2009 Moscow. A peace of the sun shines in the International Children`s Day
06/06/2009 Moscow. Popular Zveri concerts
06/06/2009 Russia. Pioneers will live!
06/06/2009 Moscow. A Modern Club for the Lightheaded and Quick-witted teenagers
18/05/2009 Moscow. A lucky loser
"Art city" through eyes of Megion young painters
04/04/2009 Wood fires from childhood
28/02/2009 Khabarovsk. The contest "Motherland defender"
25/03/2009 Moscow. Magic world of the Internet
21/03/2009 Tomsk region. Believe in yourself!
28/02/2009 Harmony Teaching
21/02/2009 Kuzbass. Russian valenok day
12/02/2008 Megion. Ten projects for youth
12/02/2008 Megion. Pupils of the 5th form, knew what is it a local government.
28/01/2009 Moscow. What do students do after the end-of-semester exams?
28/01/2009 Izhevsk. School of journalism, Christmas trees and frost
28/01/2009 Izhevsk. School of journalism, Christmas trees and frost
28/01/2009 Moscow. Results of Family Year
27/01/2009 Moscow. Moscow students celebrate their holiday at the Red Square
27/01/2008 Bashkiria. nine year old girl saved four children
22/01/2009 Russia. School children and the moon
08/01/2009 Arkhangelsk. Student Representatives from Arkhangelsk discuss their social projects
08/01/2009 Moscow. Youth and Children Film Festival
07/01/2009 Moscow. Dream can come true
06/01/2009 Moscow. 28 delegations of children will visit the capital of Russia
05/01/2009 Irkutsk. The Young Talent Reserve in Angara
04/01/2009 Shemursha. Schoolchildren help birds in winter
03/01/2009 Yekaterinburg. Early Morning Frost a program for children from low-income families
21/12/2008 Kaluga. Action "Among us, girls"
20/12/2008 Moscow. We are against AIDS
20/12/2008 Megion. A contest among kindergarten teachers from urban area
20/12/2008 Moscow. How to decorate the New Year tree?
14/12/2008 St. Petersburg. Be visible in the light of headlights!
13/12/2008 Moscow. National Children Awards
29/11/2008 Moscow: a Charitable event for helping children
29/11/2008 Izhevsk. The Amazing thing is near you
22/11/2008 Moscow. Pasternak read to tatters
14/11/2008 Moscow. Relay of performances
14/11/2008 Novosibirsk. What must be done to be really done?
15/11/2008 Moscow. In pursuance of healthy food
01/11/2008 Moscow. Harry Potter
01/11/2008 Moscow. Dirty road to the college
26/10/2008 St. Petersburg. We should preserve, not destroy
26/10/2008 My Orthodox Kuzbass a contest for young orthodox artists will open in Kuzbass
25/10/2008 Kuzbass. Real Apsara!
25/10/2008 Moscow 2morrow. A person within four walls
24/10/2008 Festival 2morrow
18/10/2008 Moscow. Law consultations fair
19/10/2008 Opening Ceremony of Arena Khimki
18/10/2008 Moscow: Japanese Culture Exhibition
25/09/2008 Izhevsk. The new zoo: a wonderland in the fairy-tale
25/09/2008 Barnaul. On your marks!
16/09/2008 Novosibirsk. City`s environment and creative influence on it
15/09/2008 Moscow. Kid`s round-the-clock hotline started its work
14/09/2008 Kirov. We do not linger!
12/09/2008 St. Petersburg. German Pereylochek - at Nevsky
05/09/2008 Izhevsk. Butter bread party from Valery Yadikin
31/08/2008 Zhigulev. Here journalists are!
27/08/2008 Moscow. Unusual excursion
26/08/2008 Izhevsk. Utro of Republic
25/08/2008 Izhevsk. Kindergarten from the past
08/08/2008 Ulyanovsk. Drivers will have to make way
08/08/2008 Moscow. Glamour race on the heels
23/07/2008 Barnaul. Our reply to Olympic games
23/07/2008 Izhevsk. International dance project Most
22/07/2008 Nizhnij Novgorod. A campaign Teenager
22/07/2008 Bulgaria Yekaterinburg. A Russian girl became Little Miss World 2008
22/07/2008 Nizhnij Novgorod. The Criminal Comic Book
22/07/2008 Krasnodar. Teenagers will not be able to go out at night
21/07/2008 Moscow. The Second All-Russian Conference Large family in modern Russia
21/07/2008 Kaliningrad. Family center will be created in the city
21/07/2008 Moscow. Russian Golden Cup
20/07/2008 Moscow. Grizlov calls to to improve the quality of school textbooks
16/07/2008 St. Petersburg. Hold on, Zhenka!
28/06/2008 St. Petersburg. Charitable organization Every Child supported the kids festival
27/06/2008 Cheboksary. The new website of the studio of air photography was launched
27/06/2008 Chuvash Republic. When it starts to be boring at home
12/06/2008 Moscow. Flash mob in Red Square
12/06/2008 Open Call for Young People Abroad
22/04/2008 St. Petersburg. Computer library is in action
22/04/2008 Moscow. Love and prejudices
18/04/2008 Moscow. Festival Students spring
12/04/2008 Yekaterinburg. Where does happy life start?
07/04/2008 Alatir.More than 50 children from a boarding-school spent their spring holidays in families
01/04/2008 Yekaterinburg. Chess afloat
27/03/2008 Moscow. Vacations with audio book
27/03/2008 Tula region. The festival Mnogozvychie
25/03/2008 Stary Oskol. Marathon cinema race of the Forum Boomerang started
Moscow. Mothers-heroines
Pskov. Orphans tell about foster parents
11/03/2008 Novocheboksarsk. Who is the best in taking care about the forest?
06/03/2008 Dzerzhinsk. A break for the cell-phone
02/03/2008 Sochi. Schoolchildren write compositions and even fairy-tales about president elections
21/02/2008 Severodvinsk. The festival A VOICE OF THE SEA
17/02/2008 Barnaul. The whole Russia is on the ski
13/02/2008 Ulyanovsk. Inhabitants of Ulyanovsk region tell about their love by mail
31/01/2008 Moscow. Moscow journalists learnt to play a table football
31/01/2008 Yekaterinburg. Space speed of shipwrights or 5 yachts in 5 days
24/01/2008 Moscow. Let`s play in the yard!
18/01/2008 Kaluga. The first lustrous youth magazine appears in Kaluga
14/01/2008 Tel-Aviv. Israeli pupils study Russian
25/12/2007 Izhevsk. Brain ring at the lesson of music
10/01/2008 Kanash. Lessons devoted to Christmas
28/12/2007 St. Petersburg. Watchless teenagers was acquainted with the world of professions
28/12/2007 Moscow. Mothers should read books to there children
25/12/2007 Kanash. Railway station will be decorated by children`s drawings
18/12/2007 Petrozavodsk. After School TV- program is again on the air
05/12/2007 Tsivilsk. Successes of young chess player
26/11/2007 St. Petersburg. To our ancestors through centuries
02/11/2007 Moscow. A project: how to save the fans from their fetishes
23/11/2007 Moscow. 300 books were given to orphan homes
15/11/2007 Moscow. Russian crafts were photographed by children
14/11/2007 Nizhnevartovsk. A rally of young journalists in Siberia nook
02/11/2007 Perm. The most cadet cadet
02/11/2007 St. Petersburg. To know your rights means to defend them
30/10/2007 Izhevsk. The Club for the Lightheaded and Quick-witted unites generations
30/10/2007 Novocheboksarsk. Colors of the festival
26/10/2007 Tomsk. The youth works better than tow-truck
26/10/2007 Cheboksary. Childrens philharmonic opens a season
22/10/2007 Tsivilsk. Pupils from 5th form were inducted to cadets
11/10/2007 Ulianovsk. The governor of Ulianovsk region handed over the certificates for the toys
08/10/2007 St. Petersburg. Mass- rassling from mammoth
08/10/2007 Nizhniy Novgorod. The action Bright spots was held in the town.
01/10/2007 Kanash. A crew Deti solntsa took part in the Young spacemen reunion.
04/09/2007 Moscow. Volshebniki dvora inflames The Disco For Children
01/09/2007 Novocheboksarsk. Informational stands for children
28/08/2007 All-Russian Center Orlyonok. Lets bring our soul in our songs!
19\07\2007 Cheboksary. The camp Patriots` games was inaugurated.
19\07\2007 Nelidovo, Tverskaya region. There are such places at our Earth, which are not touched by modern technologies yet
13/06/2007 Yekaterinburg. New generation chooses union!
05/03/2007 Chuvash Republic (Russia). Your choice to smoke or not
26/04/2007 Moscow. A litter-pick around the Home a Children-Orphans.
23/04/2007 Moscow. Children are citisens of Russia
05/03/2007 Novocheboksarsk. Future soldiers know more about army
27/02/2007 Moscow. Computer intellectual marathon for everybody!
27/02/2007 Ulianovsk. All-Russian session Dostizhenie
22/02/2007 Izhevsk. A School of Security
19/02/2007 Moscow. The army songs played them out of the city
19/02/2007 Moscow. Gift flowers to women! or a master class on photography
14/12/2006 Ulianovsk. Youth press of Barish town decided to solve social problems of their town
10/12/2006 Izhevsk. Son and a camera.
07/12/2006 Perm. A party in Hematogen style.
04/12/2006 Novocheboksarsk. The new contest of youth press!
04/12/2006 Moscow. The work of young road traffic inspectors!
01/12/2006 Izhevsk. Voice of Yunost
01/12/2006 Moscow. We will make you a leader!
13/11/2006 St. Petersburg. The problems of society are our problems
13/11/2006 Vladikavkaz. Autumn meeting
10/09/2006 Udmurtia. The organs of students self-government in action
10/09/2006 Murmansk. Talented youth will go by bus train to Baltic region.
07/08/2006 Arhangelsk-Sweden-Finland. If you are patriot you will have bad mark
07/08/2006 Cheboksari. Everybody will be able to understand yourself and find your place in this life
03/08/2006 Moscow. The government of the city changed
03/08/2006 Izhevsk. Dancing camp in English language
31/07/2006 Moscow. A talk about youth and for youth
31/07/2006 All-Russian Center "Orlyonok". "Orlyonok" ignites the stars
12/07/2006 Cheboksari. 80 young men and women were called up to the army
12/07/2006 Sergiev Posad. Pupils, be ready!
07/07/2006 All-Russian Children Cenre "Orlyonok". The 10-th All-Russian Festival of Visual Arts "The small ruses"
07/07/2006 Izhevsk. Estonian people move to Udmurtia
02/06/2006 Sergiev Posad. The first action of the first summer day
31/05/2006 Moscow. Summing-up of the contest of childrens` drawings is finished
29/05/2006 Moscow. A meeting with kind magicians
29/05/2006 All-Russian Children Center Orlyonok
19/05/2006 Moscow. Summing-up of the contest Magic mouse 2006 was made
15/05/2006 Moscow. Igrushki International invites the friends
15/05/2006 Novocheboksarsk. Professionals of the new century
13/05/2006 Peregrebnoe village. War melody
13/05/2006 Aladir. The children leaders of Chuvash Republic will meet on the bank of Sura-river
26/04/2006 Demonstration
24/10/2006 Ulianovsk. Five new school newspapers will appear in the city
24/04/2006 Yamal. Young painter
10/04/2006 Moscow. Russia. Global start and the commentary to it
10/04/2006 You will hear about them soon!
10/04/2006 Moscow. Children`s Regional Festival of Arts April
28/03/2006 Moscow. The festival Digital holidays
28/03/2006 Izhevsk. Parents` committee gives money for the projects realization.
24/03/2006 Krasnogorsk. Russians against the drug sellers
22/03/2006 Izhevsk. The right to be heard
17/03/2006 Russia. Finalists of Russian Student Spring- 2006 programm will meet in Volgograd
11/03/2006 A girl took the boys under her patronage
07/03/2006 Moscow. Pancake week
27/01/2006 Moscow. The contest If I was the head of the region of Moscow
26/01/2006 Murmansk. One, two, three
20/01/2006 Toliatti. The leaders strenghten their positions

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